Freeing the Dark Goddesses

A Sacred Workshop and Ritual

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Join astrologers, Michelle Dench and Martha Hines, for a sacred online journey to explore the archetypes of Dark Goddesses and the healing experience of "freeing" those energies in ourselves and in our world.

During this sacred ritual and workshop, we will drop deeply into the gifts of the dark goddesses, including:




-Ceres and Persephone

The power, energy, sexuality, and life of the "dark" side of the feminine has been suppressed, shunned, and pushed away, both collectively and in our personal psyches, over the past centuries.

We are now remembering the healing importance of these energies in ourselves and in our world.

This workshop and ritual is an opportunity to come together in a sacred space to explore some of these "dark goddess" energies, to reawaken aspects of them in ourselves, and to feel their healing effects unfold in ourselves and in our lives.

The recorded workshop and online journey includes:

1) A Brief Overview of the Archetypes of Some Main "Dark Goddess" Archetypes

2) A Guided Ritual and Meditation Invoking the Freed Goddesses in Ourselves

3) Community Online Sharing and Q and A

This workshop also comes with 20% off any one on one personal session with Michelle and/or Martha.

This online journey is a permanent community space for you to be nurtured and supported in your own exploration and freeing of the dark goddesses in yourself and also for you to be held in a space of community sharing and a collective freeing of the dark feminine in our world.

If you are wanting to explore, dive deeply into, reawaken, honor, heal with, and learn from the powerful, needed dark feminine of all of us, please join us.

Contact us with any questions: [email protected]

Your Instructor

Martha Alter Hines and Michelle Dench
Martha Alter Hines and Michelle Dench

Michelle and Martha are both astrologers with a passion for the goddess archetypes and the "re-emergence" of various aspects of the feminine.


First and foremost, I am a mom of two amazing kids, now ages nine and fourteen. We live in BEAUTIFUL coastal California and feel so lucky to be here.

I worked as a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and body worker for most of the past twenty years. I specialized in prevention, treatment, and investigation of child abuse, attachment, and trauma.

In 2018, the spirit world made it very clear that it was time for me to move on from that very important work to the calling of my soul – assisting people to navigate the beautiful and often challenging experience of awakening to their ultimate, cosmic selves and souls.

For many years, since I was 21 years old, I have had an ability to see many things beyond the physical world – spirits of all kinds, past lives, the structure of people’s bodies and cells, and so on.

In the work I do now, I bridge both the Earthly world and that of the spiritual and cosmic worlds and to support people in coming into their own relationship with the spirit world and their own lives living as conscious beings of both the Earth and the divine.

I love this work that I do now and am honored and full of joy holding space for others to recognize their own beautiful, literally divine selves and to live the full life they are here to live.

Please connect with me any time at [email protected]

Learn more about Martha at:


I'm Michelle, As a Certified Professional Astrologer, I see Astrology as a tool for Healing and Insight. My research is in healing trauma, looking at Relationships and Family constellations in the Birth Chart, for the purpose of healing and love. I am a Mother, and a student of A Course in Miracles. I practice meditation and Intentional Creativity, while devoting my life to raising children, practicing partnership and building community.


[email protected]

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