Self-Love Making: Towards a Complete Auto-Eroticism

A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Evan McGown, LMFT

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Many talk these days about self-love, but how does one actually go about doing it?

In this workshop, we'll explore three realms of entry into self-love:

1) A Philosophical Re-Definition of Self,

2) Acknowledging (and Loving) Internal "Blocking" Parts in Ourselves and

3) Play: Sensory and Bodily Delight.

We'll use perspectives from science and mythology to lay out frameworks of ideas, and then embark on short exercises to spark reflection and beginning steps of action so that we can learn to find more pleasure in the experience of being who we each uniquely are.

This workshop is part of the Re-Becoming the One 2023 symposium.

This workshop (and each of the Re-Becoming the One workshops) come with access to the live community sharing circles each week of June 2023, as well as an ongoing, private, online community circle.

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Evan McGown, LMFT
Evan McGown, LMFT

Evan is a nomadic therapist and musician whose passion is the evolution of consciousness via active participation with process (a.k.a. "learning"). He was involved for many years in organic farming, permaculture, and wilderness education, founding a non-profit and co-authoring a book on nature-based mentoring. For the past 10 years he has been studying and practicing as a therapist, and is now in private practice via telehealth in both California and Florida.


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