Divine Peace Garden Retreat

Three Days of Being Held and Nurtured to Open to Peace, Calm, and Love

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Welcome to the Divine Peace Garden,

a Place to Feel Relief, Peace, Love, and Calm...


We are the Divine Peace Garden Collective, a group of ten women practitioners, psychotherapists, and healers of various kinds all dedicated to helping you to feel supported here and now.

We are committed to holding a safe, loving, and nurturing environment in which your whole being can relax and unwind.
We would love to invite you to join us for a three day online retreat which was live on March 24, 25, and 26, 2023.
It was recorded and is now available indefinitely!
The purpose of this retreat is to support you to feel:
  • Rested and restored
  • Centered and grounded
  • Recalibrated
  • Connected to community

As a thank you for signing up for this retreat, you will also receive the beautiful Divine Peace Garden Starter Basket to begin your journey of feeling soothed, held, and relaxed in the arms of the Earth, the divine, and fellow sisters, mothers, and grandmothers.

In this beautiful, soothing three days together, you will enjoy an amazing array of offerings as follows:


  • Martha Alter Hines - “Welcome to the Garden, Remember the Arms of Mother Gaia Earth and the Infinite Cosmos” Channeled Experience
  • Vanessa Nixon - “Three Natural Strategies to Transform Anxiety and Depression to Peace”
  • Nicki Koethner - “Mystical Storytelling to Transform Negative Thoughts”
  • Kathleen Joan - “Reiki in the Arms of the Goddess”
  • Closing with Songs and Blessings with Barbara Juniper and Martha


  • Brief Welcome with Martha
  • Suraya Keating - “Yoga, Mudra, Breath, and Poetry: Practices to Soothe the Soul”
  • Barbara Juniper - "Dissolving Anxiety and Fear Through the Blessings of Green Tara"
  • Michele Cipressi - “The Way of the Wise One: Getting Guidance in Working with Anxiety and Overwhelm By Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom”
  • Closing with Songs and Blessings with Barbara Juniper and Martha


  • Brief Welcome with Martha
  • Aimee Tomczak - “Anxiety Balm: Soothing Our Hearts Through Loving Awareness and Creative Expression”
  • Michelle Marlahan - “Creating Ease in Your Body”
  • Kristen Paradiso - "Butterfly Medicine Art Journey: Restore, Transform, and Emerge"
  • Closing with Songs and Blessings with Barbara Juniper and Martha

Learn more about the Divine Peace Garden Collective here: https://livingtheonelight.com/divine-peace-garden/

We would love to support you.

Join us here.

Please be in touch with any questions at: [email protected]

Your Instructor

Divine Peace Garden Collective
Divine Peace Garden Collective

The Divine Peace Garden Collective is a group of ten practitioners, psychotherapists, and healers of various areas of expertise.

We are dedicated to supporting you to navigate and thrive in life.

See more about the collective at: https://livingtheonelight.com/divine-peace-garden/

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Divine Peace Garden Starter Basket
A Basket of Tools to Support You to Relieve Anxiety, Heal Your Nervous System, and Open to Peace, Calm, and Love NOW...
Divine Peace Garden Collective

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