I am honored that you would like to have a personal session with me.

Sessions are tailored to your exact needs.

During this time, we can:

1) Drop into a particular calling for healing or transformation that you are feeling in your life.

2) Look at the astrology of this moment or any moment to gain a sense of the cosmic context of your life and your soul journey

3) Ground and connect with the spirit world to support your healing and transformation in a way that is just right for you

4) Support you to gain tools and to nurture your own connection with the spirit world to further your healing and transformation for months and years to come

We can work together in a single session or in ongoing sessions. If you have one issue you would like to look at or to get support in, a single session may be just right. If you are hoping to get support in transforming and healing on a deeper and broader level, then ongoing sessions are usually best. I offer discounted rates for ongoing sessions to support you to get this longer term healing and transformation.

Please feel free to be in contact with any questions any time: [email protected]

I look forward to connecting with you soon!



Choose a An Appointment Length (90 minutes, 60 minutes, or 30 minutes)