Trauma Informed Basics for Astrologers and Healers

Learn to Meet the Trauma of Your Clients and Yourself In Safe, Effective, Loving Ways

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Do you feel nervous when clients bring up traumatic events in their lives?

Does the trauma of your clients sometimes trigger your own personal trauma?

If yes, this is totally normal.

AND it is crucial to take these concerns seriously.

Trauma exists for every human in one way or another.

Inevitably, when we work with clients as astrologers, massage therapists, or in another modality, the trauma of our clients arises in some way.

Often, we can feel unsure of how to address that trauma and we can even feel triggered ourselves.

Again, this is completely normal!

Join this workshop to:

  • Discover why handling trauma incorrectly can actually be life threatening (not an exaggeration)
  • Learn the top biggest mistakes that non-clinically trained healers and astrologers often make when addressing trauma
  • Learn the basics about what is needed to keep your clients and yourself safe when addressing the trauma of our lives and of our world
  • Learn how to judge where your role begins and ends and how to assist your clients to get the most helpful support for their exact needs
  • Learn how to navigate secondary trauma (the trauma that you might feel in response to the trauma of your clients)
  • Feel confident and relaxed when encountering any situation that a client may bring up in a session
  • Feel supported in navigating the trauma of the world and your own role in helping the world to heal

As a part of this workshop, you will receive:

1) The 90 minute workshop live and recorded to watch indefinitely

2) A downloadable pdf of information on Trauma Informed Basics and related resources

3) A 20% Discount on a personal session or consultation with Martha

Martha is an astrologer, healer, and author who worked for the majority of two decades as a psychotherapist and clinical social worker specializing in trauma treatment and prevention.

This workshop is NOT meant to be therapy or clinical training.

It is a support for you and your work that is grounded in many years of training and experience in the field of trauma informed work.

If you would like to participate in a one on one or group consultation setting with Martha, that is available as well.

Your Instructor

Martha Alter Hines
Martha Alter Hines

First and foremost, I am a mom of two amazing kids, now ages nine and fourteen. We live in BEAUTIFUL coastal California and feel so lucky to be here.

I worked as a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and body worker for most of the past twenty years. I specialized in prevention, treatment, and investigation of child abuse, attachment, and trauma.

In 2018, the spirit world made it very clear that it was time for me to move on from that very important work to the calling of my soul – assisting people to navigate the beautiful and often challenging experience of awakening to their ultimate, cosmic selves and souls.

For many years, since I was 21 years old, I have had an ability to see many things beyond the physical world – spirits of all kinds, past lives, the structure of people’s bodies and cells, and so on.

In the work I do now, I bridge both the Earthly world and that of the spiritual and cosmic worlds and to support people in coming into their own relationship with the spirit world and their own lives living as conscious beings of both the Earth and the divine.

I love this work that I do now and am honored and full of joy holding space for others to recognize their own beautiful, literally divine selves and to live the full life they are here to live.

Please connect with me any time at [email protected]

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