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"I have worked with many healers, counselors, and therapists, and Martha stands out among them. Martha brings intuition and intelligence to her work. It is clear that she is deeply connected to source and she also connects with her clients deeply, through listening to them and by bringing wisdom to her sessions. Her astrology readings have been incredibly precise, which have helped me not only to make sense of my past but also to prepare for future challenges. During group sessions, she holds a sacred space for both introspection, growth, and sharing. I can't say enough good things about her work. She is someone who has a lot of gifts, and someone who shares those gifts generously."

- A.S., Writer and Teacher

"Healing sessions with Martha are not only wonderful experiences but also long-lasting, important step within my personal healing journey. In all of Martha’s containers – her Soul Gatherings, Deep Healing Sessions and 1:1 Sessions – I feel very safe, hold, loved, understood, and welcome. Martha emanates a warm and grounding but also very clear, focused, and uplifting energy. Her channeled meditations help me to strengthen the connection that I already have with my own inner light and spiritual guides. I personally feel already deeply connected to the light of the cosmos, but I am still "working“ on my connection to the Earth, Mother Gaia. Martha’s channeling connects the Earth and body with the Cosmos. She helps me to feel safe I my body and on Planet Earth – in an expansive and Light-full way. Martha’s work is a wonderful support for my own de-conditioning process, and healing journey. I highly recommend Martha’s Soul Gatherings, Deep Healing Sessions, and 1:1 healing work to every-soul who wants to find more inner peace, and clarity and longs for a connection to the light of the cosmos, the Earth, one’s own inner divinity – and all that is."

- V.B., Astrologer and Healer

"As a Social Worker, I learned a key survival factor, that I hadn’t learned as a Backcountry Guide. In the backcountry, the essential criteria for keeping a person safe is to provide ‘food, water, and shelter’ (maintain body temperature) along with CPR and First Aid.

Yet, I learned in my later work, that it is unconditional love that we humans will move mountains to secure. We must have it; and Martha provides an endless supply.

Add to this her professional training and years of experience; and the combination was winning for me. Plus, she can enhance all this with astrological and channeling components, when these are appropriate. I couldn’t have chosen a more competent person to assist me with some trauma-work; that I was wanting to move through and put to rest."

- T.G., Healer

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