Channeled Message and Exercise - Remembering Your Divine Womb and Your Soul Gifts

Welcome to Week 3,

I loved the experience of this video, especially at the end. This might be my favorite of the three experiences so far...

The beings gave some take aways also that I especially appreciated:

1) Your Sacred Soul Gifts are perfect and are important, but also may be different from what you might expect.

2) You may have not only come to this lifetime to give, but also to receive. There may be a balance, an ebb and a flow that your soul is needing to balance in this lifetime and that may include having come to this lifetime to learn and receive, in addition to give.

3) Whatever you came to do is perfect. Whatever is yours to give or receive right now is perfect.

4) You are perfect and needed and whole no matter who you are, no matter who is in your life, no matter who is not in your life, no matter what the current, past, or future circumstances of your life.

5) The gifts that are needed in this life may change from moment to moment, from day to day. Whatever you are shown right here, right now is just right.

Thank you so much for being here!

See you again soon.


Much love,