Re-Becoming the One 2023 "All In One" Bundle

Fourteen Workshops, Eight Sharing Circles, and More to Support Ourselves and Our World

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Join us to Heal Our World...

We are so excited to be bringing you over twenty-five free talks, four free live panel discussions, AND over a dozen live workshops (all recorded as well) AND eight live community sharing circles, as well as an online, private community forum.

We have made most of this symposium free to make it accessible to as many people as possible. (Everything with a Green thumbnail image is Free.)

(If you would like to join ONLY the free portion, do so here:

At the same time, the maintenance and support of this symposium, and especially of these community sharing forums takes a great deal of resources, time, and money.

Therefore, we are offering the live workshops and sharing circles as a way to support YOU to go deeper into these topics and into this healing and also to support us to continue to do this work.

This "All In One" Bundle comes with so many wonderful gifts!

We have provided many different payment options to make it as accessible to as many people as possible as well. ALL PAYMENT OPTIONS COME WITH ALL BUNDLE CONTENTS. Please choose a payment amount that is best given your circumstances.

We have also offered an option of providing support to others who may benefit from scholarships to attend these workshops and sharing circles.

(Last year, people from 54 countries signed up for Re-Becoming the One, including many people from marginalized communities around the world. We would love to offer scholarships to people without the financial means to attend these workshops through scholarships. If you are able and feel moved to support these scholarships, we would love that.

Please contact us with any questions about doing so: [email protected])

If you are someone who is unable to attend these workshops without a scholarship, feel free to contact us as well. We will send out an email when scholarships become available.)

This "All In One Bundle" comes with:

  • The Free, Pre-Recorded Talks (over twenty-five separate talks) - Released each week of June 2023, starting on June 1, 2023
  • The Free Opening Ceremony and the Four Free, Live Panel Discussions - EACH THURSDAY OF JUNE 2023
  • A Deep Peace and Healing Circle (live and recorded) with Martha Alter Hines - Friday, June 2, 2023
  • Over ONE DOZEN LIVE WORKSHOPS hosted by the speakers of the symposium - EACH FRIDAY OF JUNE 2023
  • An Ongoing, Private, ONLINE COMMUNITY FORUM hosted on Circle which will continue beyond the symposium as well
  • AND as a special gift to support you in your own healing immediately, Martha has included her Deep Peace and Healing Six Video Series

The paid components can be bought individually or all together in this "All In One" Bundle.

If bought separately, the items in this bundle are:

  • Live Sharing Circles: $10-$25 donation
  • Workshops: $45 each
  • Deep Peace and Healing Six Video Series: $125

The total, if bought individually is over $700.

For the bundle, we are asking for a discounted price between $245 - $445 on a sliding scale. We also are offering payment plan options.

If you would like to donate to support this work, you can do so here:

We appreciate your support for this work very much and we are honored and grateful to have the opportunity to support YOU and our world in this way.

The list of workshops is as follows:

Friday, June 2, 2023

  • 10am - 11:30am PDT: Deep Peace and Healing Circle with Martha Alter Hines

Friday, June 9, 2023

  • 9am PDT: "Traces of Her: A Storytelling Workshop" with Catriona Blanke
  • 12pm PDT: "The Cosmic Feminine: Three Aspects of Personal Brilliance" with Kelley Hunter
  • 3pm PDT: "Moving As the Divine Feminine: An Introduction to Sacred Bellydance" with Vanessa Nixon

Friday, June 16, 2023

  • "Tending the Wild Genius" with Nick Mather
  • "Shadow Hunting in the Wilderness of Our Own Psyche: Diving Deeper Into the Sacred Masculine" with Alan Sternick
  • "Problems and Learning: Embracing Life as Process" with Evan McGown

Friday, June 23, 2023

  • "Giving and Receiving Support Regarding Gender Identity" with Nicki Koethner
  • "The New Rosary" with Jennifer Ruth Russell
  • "In Our Own Voice: Defining Masculine, Feminine, and Gender Through Art As Process" with Michele Cipressi

Friday, June 30, 2023

  • "Sacred Womb Wisdom: Leading From Your Natural Inner Seat of Leadership" with Ann Bromley
  • "Finding Your Inner Sacred Union" with Maura McBratney
  • "Me and Us: Exploring Aries and Libra in your Chart" with Ari Moshe Wolfe

If you have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected]

Thank you so much for your support of this healing work and this community!

Course Curriculum

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Courses Included with Purchase

Deep Peace and Healing Video Series
A Video Series to Bring a Remembrance of Deep Peace and Healing of the Cosmos and Earth into Your Being, Body, and Life
Martha Alter Hines
Re-Becoming the One 2023
A Collective Gathering to Heal Our Relationships to Gender, Sexuality, Love, and Life Itself
Martha Alter Hines
The Cosmic Feminine: Three Aspects of Personal Brilliance
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Kelley Hunter
Kelley Hunter, Ph.D.
Me and Us: Exploring Aries and Libra in YOUR Natal Chart
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Ari Moshe Wolfe
Ari Moshe Wolfe
The New Rosary: Bringing Our Divine Union Into Action
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Jennifer Ruth Russell
Jennifer Ruth Russell
Freeing the Feminine: The Power of Story Medicine
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Catriona Blanke
Catriona Blanke
Moving As the Divine Feminine: An Introduction to Sacred Bellydance
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Vanessa Nixon
Vanessa Nixon
Cultivating Your Wild Genius
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Nick Mather
Nick Mather, Ph.D.
Deep Peace and Healing Session: Feel Grounded, Held, Centered, and Calm with Support From the Spirit World
A "Re-Becoming the One" Healing Session with Martha Alter Hines
Martha Alter Hines
Sacred Womb Wisdom: Leading From Your Natural Inner Seat of Leadership
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Ann Bromley
Ann Bromley
Self-Love Making: Towards a Complete Auto-Eroticism
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Evan McGown, LMFT
Evan McGown, LMFT
Radical Vulnerability and Compassionate Penetration: Doorways to Grace and Liberation
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Alan Sternik and Alana Eytan
Alan Sternik and Elana Eytan
Ecstatically Embodying the One: A Solstice Celebration with Ecstatic Dance and Channeled Healing From the Earth, Sun, and Stars
A "Re-Becoming the One" Healing Celebration with Erin Duffy-Burke and Martha Alter Hines
Erin Duffy-Burke and Martha Alter Hines
In Our Own Voice: Defining Masculine, Feminine, and Gender Through Journaling and Art as Process
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Michele Cipressi
Michele Cipressi
Cultivating Self Love Tools for Empowerment
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Nicki Koethner
Nicki Koethner
Becoming Embodied Soul: Discover YOUR Inner Feminine and YOUR Inner Masculine and the Healing Dance of the Two In YOU
A "Re-Becoming the One" Workshop with Maura McBratney
Maura McBratney
Re-Becoming the One 2023 Community Sharing Circles
Share, Be Heard, Be Part of the Healing, Be Part of What Our World Needs
Martha Alter Hines

Original Price: $485

Your Instructor

Martha Alter Hines
Martha Alter Hines

Martha Alter Hines is a mother, an author, a healer, and an astrologer. Martha has twenty years of experience as a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and body worker.

Martha is channeling a series of eight books called the Living the One Light series.

She has primarily studied Evolutionary Astrology with Ari Moshe Wolfe and is currently a student of Heather Ensworth as well.

Martha bridges her trauma informed clinical background with her astrological knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of ourselves as beings of the cosmos, Earth, divine, heart, mind, and so much more.

Martha was born in Thailand and grew up in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, and the United States. She has a life long passion for helping to alleviate the suffering of our world.

Martha is dedicated to serving our world, to helping us each to thrive, and to supporting us to come back into the infinite wisdom and healing that is our natural state of being.

As the spirit world says to Martha, “We are midwifing ourselves back into a remembering of all of who we truly are.”


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