Video #5 Description - A Hammock Between Two Stars

Welcome to Video #5 of this Deep Peace and Healing video series.

I hope you are enjoying these videos and experiences.

I hope they are bringing you comfort and a sense of healing and peace in yourself and in your life.

This video is another two part one - the first part being an introduction by me and the second part being a channeled portion.

The channeled portion is a guided visualization that takes us into the cosmos, into what the spirit world calls a "hammock of light strung between two stars."

The idea behind this meditation and experience is that all things in existence have a perfection of their "spacing" and balance with all other things. This is true on a microcosmic level among sub atomic particles, as well as on a macrocosmic level - at the level of the balance between stars, planets, moons, all cosmic bodies as they balance and come into harmonic resonance with every other cosmic being of existence.

When we are able to remember and drop into this balance of perfection, this is the ultimate state of healing and balance of all things and of ourselves on every level.

Remembering this balance is profoundly healing and profoundly settling for our bodies, for our cells, for our atoms, for our selves on every level that there is.

I hope you find peace and a sense of deep resting in this video and experience.

Much love to you,


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