Video #3 Description - Co-Regulation with Mama Gaia and the All That Is

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Welcome to the third video in this Deep Peace and Healing series.

This video is a particularly special experience of being held and rocked by our Mother Earth, Mama Gaia herself.

In this video, the spirit world reminds us that we need to be held, we need to have a chance to co-regulate with the Earth itself, with the cosmos, with the All That Is. Just as caregivers learn to co-regulate with babies, our nervous systems need to co-regulate too.

Mama Gaia, the Earth itself, and all of existence are the ultimate co-regulators for us.

When we drop into this co-regulation, this sense of being held, this rocking of the Earth and the waves of the ocean and the caresses of the wind, we are lulled into a sense of being safe, being loved, and being known. In this state of being, our bodies can come back more fully into a relaxed state of being where we can rest fully and heal and get what we need, here and now.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did as it moved through me.


Much love to you,