Video #4 Description - Healing Beings of the Earth

Welcome to Video #4.

There are two parts to this video.

The first is a short introduction to the channeled portion in which I describe my experiences with realms and beings of the Earth of various kinds.

In the second video which is the channeled portion, the spirit world reminds us of ourselves as beings of the Earth. It also reminds us of the infinite ways of being that exist on this planet, often spoken of in folklore and fairy tales. However, the video reminds us that this reality of beings of various kinds in the spirit world and in life on this planet Earth is much more varied than we often remember is real. In this video, some of these beings come forward and offer us a gift, offer us a way of knowing and remembering the ways of healing of the realms of Earth that are so often forgotten.

These videos are a gift to you.

I hope you enjoy...

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