Free Video - A World With No Fear

This video is related to a section of the Cosmos Speaks book, the third book in the Living the One Light book series.

I channeled this video in 2019 and it is still one of my favorites.

This video offers us an opportunity to experience viscerally what it is to be in "a world with no fear."

When I go into this place, I notice so much in my body - a profound settling, a profound relaxation on levels that are overt and subtle.

When we let go of fear on such a profound level, the healing that can happen is far beyond what occurs when we are experiencing fear - both overtly and on subtle levels.

I have been asked by the spirit world to include this video in this series and to maintain it as a free gift and offering to you.

I hope that all who need it will find it at just the right moment for you.

Please feel free to share it as well.

Much love to you,


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