SOLSTICE CELEBRATION with Erin Duffy-Burke and Martha Alter Hines! Tuesday, June 20, 2023, 5pm PST/8pm EST

Join Erin Duffy-Burke and Martha Alter Hines for this fun, inspiring, and healing way to celebrate Solstice together!

Join live on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, 5pm PST/8pm EST and/or have the recording indefinitely!

Join us for this fun solstice celebration! 

Come one, come all!

During this time together, we will start with a short, channeled healing solstice message through Martha. Erin then will lead us into a beautiful celebration with ecstatic dance, Dancing Into the One!

In this ecstatic dance practice, we dance our way into re-membering our One-ness. What we live in the collective body is what we live right here, in this body. Dance is an ancient way humans through the ages have remembered, prayed, healed, celebrated and built community. When we move our bodies we return– to essence, to the felt sense, to the beat of our heart and the pulse of our blood, to the life force energy that moves all things. In motion, we allow all the parts of ourselves to come home. And when we dance in community, we reweave what has been separated back into deeper levels of wholeness.

Join us in this ecstatic dance practice to remember yourSelf and re-become the One – literally, through the body’s wisdom way! You’ll be guided gently through seven natural movements of ecstatic dance. The medicine of music will invite us into rhythms of exploration and expansion, bringing us to a new shore of unity, within ourselves and in the collective. Come as you are, you cannot do it wrong, dance your way into Oneness!

This healing celebration is part of the Re-Becoming the One 2023 symposium.

This gathering (and each of the Re-Becoming the One workshops) come with access to the live community sharing circles each week of June 2023, as well as an ongoing, private, online community circle.

If you would like to join all of the workshops for Re-Becoming the One 2023 for a discounted bundle price, please join us at this link:

Thank you for supporting this healing work in our world!

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