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Welcome to the Living the One Light community!

Join this monthly membership and enjoy two special videos just for members of this community, as well as discounts on all other services, as follows:

  1. Join Martha twice per month in pre-recorded sacred messages channeled for each new moon and full moon, specifically for the members of the Living the One Light community.
  2. Receive information from Martha regarding the energies of each new and full moon and how these energies could be playing through your self and your life.
  3. Come into rhythm with your own connections to the moon and all other parts of existence.
  4. Join Martha for two rituals per month that remind you of your own rhythms with the natural world and how your connection to these rhythms can help you to access your own wisdom of the all that is.
  5. Join a community of other beautiful souls who are living into their own soul selves, their own soul wisdom, and who want to share in this way over time.
  6. Receive 15% off all other Living the One Light online experiences and sessions with Martha throughout the life of your membership.
  7. Be the first to receive the new information coming through Martha from the spirit world. Have access to the new energies and messages speaking through Martha as she channels the next books in the Living the Light series and as the spirit world presents itself through her over time.
  8. Have access to free gifts as the spirit world asks Martha to send them to you, such as free chapters of the books, mini astrology readings, personalized channeled messages, and anything else the spirit world spontaneously feels you might need!
  9. Access all Moon Rhythm Wisdom messages throughout the life of your membership.

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Martha Alter Hines
Martha Alter Hines

Martha Alter Hines is an author and cosmic healer. She is the author of the Living the One Light series, a set of channeled books that provide guidance and support for people who are awakening to their truest soul selves and who are stepping fully into their highest soul aligned lives. Martha has over twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist, clinical social worker, massage therapist, and energy worker. Her soul calling is to assist people and the planet to ascend fully into their highest versions of who they are and why they came to this planet.

Martha has two wonderful children and lives in gorgeous Santa Barbara, California.

Martha can be reached at: www.livingtheonelight.com, [email protected], as well as on facebook and YouTube.

The first two books of the Living the One Light series are published and are available on Amazon. Many more will be coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I access each message?
You can access all membership messages throughout the life of your membership.

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